Swisstek Android Endoscopes-1 or 2pk

It says, “Support android phones / PC / Laptop” but what kind of connector does it have? Does it have adaptors? Most laptops just have USB A, most android phones have Micro USB, and newer phones have USB C.

Hi there. Good question. We’ve updated the sale.

It comes with a micro-USB cable and a regular USB cable adapter.

Lol, wide applications for this easily concealable camera include “criminal”

garbage. Does not work and nothing but pop-ups on th eapp.

Over and over woot keeps listing this junk from this shady company. It does not work and you will be sorry.

Can it be used as an endoscope for humans? Like the doctor would use?

I recently purchased one of these because I had need of an endoscope to do some inspections inside some equipment. Here is what I found out about these:

  1. I can’t get it to work with my older Android phone - the camera lights will come on but I cannot get an image on the screen. However, I think this is because that particular phone doesn’t have either the hardware or software to do it. BTW, the suggested app is horrible and full of advertising.
  2. The camera does work with my Win 10 desktop computer (which is useless for what I need), and more importantly it also works with my Surface Pro 3 tablet running Win 10 (which is good for me). Win 10 had drivers for it and installed them quickly.
  3. I downloaded a basic free camera viewer program called “WebCam Viewer” from CNET. It is basic and most importantly ad free - and it works with any camera attached to your computer.
  4. Regardless of setting, the image this Endoscope will give you can only be described as Mediocre at best. 720p is advertised but even that is disappointing.
  5. The closest you can get to an object and still get a clear image is 4cm. This may sound good, but when you are working in really small spaces it may still be too far away.
  6. The cord is nice and slender but not particularly long. Also, the inline control for the LED lights prevents you from using the last 6 inches so your usable length is actually shorter than advertised by that much.

Overall this will work in a pinch but there is absolutely nothing special about it, not even the price. It rates a solid “Meh” on my enthusiasm scale.

Absolute crap. App does not work. Light on camera comes on but nothing works. Tried the updates to the software but it doesn’t work either. Total rip off.

Absolute 100% JUNK
Spent WAY TOO much time trying to get these to work.
NO apps would work with mine.