Swisstek Android Endoscopes-1 or 2pk

Received 2-pack.

Operating system is a download with lots of adds (obscures screen & controls). Unable to buy out of adds. But you could “rent” it without adds. This is not mentioned/discussed in the product description or instructions.

The auto/manual focus via the aforementioned system does not function.

I thought this would be an answer to a variety problems I have had to solve using a laptop with a cheap inline camera. However I am not prepared to shell out $$ on a routine basis for a clean operating system.

Received 2 pack. Useless device. Have to download app to view and it is full of ads obscuring screen. Focus (4 cm) to far out for any real use in tight spots. Impossible to manipulate inside open areas (wall cavity). Tried multiple uses - all disappointing. Expected use in gun barrels - but can’t tell dust from corrosion due to focus. Good toy for a few minutes - best skip this one for real work.

Devices like this make my *ss hurt… :confused:

I can’t find the android app that works with this. It does work fine on my laptop, but I bought it for my tablet. What app works with this?