Swisstek Bluetooth Karaoke Mic & Speaker w/Recording

bought this for our daughter. didn’t come with directions. won’t connect to bluetooth. a little disappointed

Our came with a small piece of paper with instructions. Just switch it on to get blue light. Turn ipad or whatever you will use to bluetooth too and find KTV MIC. Then open a music app or whatever you will use and it plays the music through the speaker and you sing into it. We even used you tube and it works great. Have fun!!

Easy to connect and lots of fun. I would say this was a great present and I’m even having fun singing into it.

Just received this, for my daughter. I’m new to the world of karaoke but have plans to set it up with an iPad. Are there any particular karaoke apps you guys prefer over any others? I don’t mind paying, just looking for something solid and fairly straight forward so the kids can use it on their own.