Swisstek Endoscopes-Your Choice

Do these work with iPhones?
iOS 7.0

Says just Android. You might be able to find a different app that works though. Not sure.

Illustrations show iPhones with the WEC Wi-Fi. Web has articles about similar cameras which work by open video servers, accessible by various apps on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. I’m gambling on it.

Wide applications:…machine equipment, engine, criminal, automotive…
Um, did you really just advertise that this is great for criminals?? LOL!

Do not buy these things. They do not work. They lock up your phone. And they require complete access to every single sensitive part of your phone to install the app which is the only way these things work. Do yourself a favor and don’t fall for it. The forced advertisements make the app completely useless anyways. Not that it works.

I like mine and it came on sale here at the right time. Used it for checking my Ducati pistons for TDC so I could set the valve clearances.

No issues with the camera or the app that I decided to use (you can pick your own).

Hey falcn12, do you think this is a good one to buy? I’ve been wanting to get one for a long time but woulD like to get a decent one though. What other app did you use? Thanks!

I’m thinking about the android one to inspect the ducts under my home. Is the cable/cord floppy and limp, or can it be easily shoved into the duct and retain its shape?

I guess I could spring for the Wi-Fi one, but I’d like to save the money if possible.

Can I use this to search for colon polyps after the Republican Congress destroys health insurance?

Only on liberals!

no need for endoscope, just turn on C-SPAN.

these are on Walmart right now for $12.99

The WiFi model says it works with iPhone.

They don’t work at all!!!

Has to be one in every crowd. People are here to decide on a purchase and your comment does nothing to help them.

Actually some of us are here for the jokes…

I know I am!

Criticism of posts can be jokes in themselves.
These forums tend to go in any direction they want. If you want solid reviews, google the product or look at Amazon reviews.

Yes, and you can even set up your own clinic for everyone else with a preexisting condition. Just remember to keep a stack of alcohol wipes nearby.

As near as I can infer from the specs, the camera has much higher resolution than the cable. With the cable as the limiting factor, the high resolution of the camera is wasted. Is this correct?