SwissTek PowerStation Wireless Charging Station

SwissTek PowerStation Wireless Charging Station

Received this with the watch charger acting flakey. It would charge the watch but then stop and restart a short time later. This resulted in my watch repeatedly “pinging” as it would start and stop charging. That does not work on a nightstand right next to my head while I am sleeping. Returning it.

Received the charger today. It came with a microusb cable but requires and is supposed to include one. Contacted woot customer service…

Ordered two. One was bad so contacted support. These are super cheaply made.

Got mine a few weeks ago - recently started to trip the breaker of whatever outlet it was plugged into and the plug would get very hot.

Contacted customer service. Waiting on a refund. 1/10 do not buy

Just received the charger and the same thing is happening to my watch as @jwzimm mentioned. The watch stops charging at 62% and keeps pinging the watch so it keeps lighting up.

Great concept just cheaply made. I guess you get what you pay for :man_shrugging:t3:

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

My mother is Swiss and honestly there’s very little about the appearance of quality, or lack thereof, that gives this product the right to have “Swiss” in its name. It is not hi-tech but Shanghai-tek (not meaning the in a racial way, just… looks like typical low-cost junk from that country).

This thing is BAD - wont wirelessly charge my phone through the case - i have 4 other Qi chargers that do it just fine. this one blinks on then off then on, then off.

but the best part - my watch LOSES BATTERY when on it. i started it at 60% battery life - fifteen minutes later it was at 54%. THEN it went to 48% by the time i removed it another ten minutes later ( i kept a chart). i’m about to have my first WOOT return