SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope

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SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, May 01 to Wednesday, May 02) + transit
Condition: New


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LOL @ listing the resolution as “1200p!”

That’s NOT how it works guys. The number you use is the second one, the “720.” This is a 720p resolution. not a 1200p. Technically, that is HD, but just barely.

Unfortunately, unethical marketroids decided about 6-7 years ago that anything better than 480i (i.e. standard def) qualified as “HD”.

Can’t complain too much for $30 though. The old one I have is 640x480.

Hmmmm. This could be useful in my back alley colonoscopy business. This would probably be way better than flashlight and empty wrapping paper roll I’m using now.

Turkey baster man, that is the ticket.

Amazon had it for $29.01 with free 2 day shipping. Guess which one I bought ?

Is there a light on this thing? or night vision?

How can I stick this into the pipes and see?

it’s in the 3rd line of the feature section:

8 way adjustable LED

Will this product be a good upgrade for the upcoming colonoscopy in Mid May?

Am waiting to see how things come out.


You wanna talk “unethical marketroids”? Another good place to start is with the total BS of “List Price” being “$199.99” and the discount being 85%. What a load of crapola.

Does this include the “carrying case” as per the Amazon listing?

[MOD: no case, sorry.]

There’s no better value for the money than a Colonoscopy Party! I think that since you can share pics and videos with your friends, and it broadcasts via WiFi, why wait until then?

I’m in with Vince McMahon and we’re starting up a Butt Chugging League. These devices will do for the BCL, what the SkyCam does for football…Screw on the waterproof cap and you can have an “inside view” of the butt chugging competition. Revolutionary breakthrough in live sports broadcasting! In for 3!!!

found one on amazon with prime for $25.

Does anyone know if this is going to work with iOS 11? I see a lot of the ones on Amazon have trouble with that.

Nothing unethical about it at all. Both 1200x720 and 1920x1080 are part of the HD spec, and both are far better visually than 480. That most things are now 2K or 4K doesn’t change the fact that 1200x720 is also HD, and for any small camera that’s quite good.

Beyond that the real problem with endoscopes is it’s difficult to find anything that is sub 5mm to inspect cylinders through the spark plug hole that doesn’t cost a lot more.

I think the thing you really want to notice is the focal length. Your lens will need to be 5 - 8mm away from whatever you’re looking at to get a clear picture.

I have it working with iOS 11 on an iPhone 7 and iPad

Under 2.5 hours for a colonoscopy mention. Not bad.