SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope

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SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope
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The perfect item for looking up your friends!

(Your very close friends.)

DIY Colonoscopy?

The software doesn’t work. I bought one of these a while back, it worked the first time I tried it then nothing. A Google search showed that this is a widespread problem, the developer has abandoned the app and other apps for endoscopes won’t work with this one. Also, the one I received from Woot was NOT marked SwissTek. By the time I realized it was DOA my window for returns was expired and Woot custserv was no help at all.

More customer feedback here:

2 questions:
How long is the cable?
Can this work with an android phone at all?

Thanks for the heads up. I was just about to purchase.

I’m beginning to think that the “Ernest Hemmingway” post may be phony, since “Olaf” isn’t a Swiss name, and Hemmingway surely knew the difference between Swiss and Swedish.

If Woot ever offers Hemmingway-branded shotguns, though, I’m in.

Is it waterproof? asking for a friend.

I do NOT want to know what you are going to use this for. Just sayin’

Dido Zippo’s review.
Wouldn’t waste 1.00 on this. Bought it last time and for personnal reasons didn’t get to try it until 1 day after return period. It never worked, tried multiple apps. Never a return email from customer service. Maybe they know it’s junk.

What is the focal length on this. I have one but it has be nearly a foot away from the object to make it a clear picture which makes it pretty useless.

I had mine working on a Android, but the focal length is too far.

Looking inside walls, pipes, car parts, or other tight spots. but the focal length is too far.

From the specs :tongue:
Focal Distance: 3mm-8mm

I have one purchased on previous Woot. Looks similar and I do not see Swisstek on it anywhere (Model YPC110). However, I have had no problem with the wifi app, HD See on an Android tablet.

Resolution is not as sharp as I would have liked and could really use a longer focal distance.

Have used probe underwater with no problems. Tip: In wet environments, place a bag over the transmitter (all the way down to the light control) and wrap it tight to keep it splash proof. Also, tape the tube that holds the accessories to the cord so you won’t lose it.

I bought one about a year ago. I’ve used it several times for some HVAC issues and for cleaning out my dryer vent. Never had an issue on my android phone.

I purchased one of these last time around. It works. I’m using it with an iPhone 6s. The camera cable is plenty long and stiff enough to snake it though tight spots. The auto focusing of the camera can be slow some times. It helps to move the camera back and forth some to get the auto focus to realize what it needs to focus on. Overall, for < $30 this is a good deal. It might be something you only use a couple of times, but it is one of those things that can really help when you have no other options. At this price, I would recommend.


The apps are still available in both the Apple and GooglePlay stores.

Also, here is a link to download the PC software for anyone who needs it: