SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope

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SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope
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For all you amateur proctologists this is ideal for do it yourself colonoscopies.

I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on one of these for the longest time. The post above mentioning colon selfies sealed the deal!

WARNING: The app for this doesn’t work and hasn’t been updated in a long time. Other apps don’t work either since they seem to be specific to certain models of device. Also, the item I received was NOT SwissTek branded. I found this out the hard way but there’s more discussion from a past woot here:

Bought one last time and it works great!
Where I’m unable to find a brand name anywhere it very well could be the brand “SwissTek”, it just doesn’t say anywhere what it is.
The app “ImageKit” works good too with my iPad, took me a few to figure it out because I was attempting to connect to it using Bluetooth and you need to connect to it using WiFi, makes a big difference.
Very easy to use and happy with it so far.

Wow! Great for DIY colonoscopy!

Got to be better than my Nikon D5600.