SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope

SwissTek Professional HD Wi-Fi Endoscope

What a deal! NOT! Purchased about a year ago. Went to use it, and was sorely disappointed. Focus distance is 4-8mm - less than 1/2 inch (25.4mm/inch). Poke it in a wall, and one sees nothing until right on top of it. I wanted to see in the cavity behind a fireplace - absolutely useless. Looking for a wire just fished into a wall? Can’t find it? Unless one can get it within 8mm of the thing you can’t find, you’ll never see it - all beyond the range of the lens. Maybe if it could resolve images a foot away…
Not that the image is bad at the specified working distance (8mm), the entire project concept is fatally flawed. Too bad.


Thank you for saving me from this purchase.

Yeah, I’m disappointed again that this is the close focal distance version. I’m after something for checking bird boxes and doing mechanical work, but this isn’t it. The product photos are quite misleading. You wouldn’t be checking your plumbing with this unit.

Ridiculously short focal length for 98% of the work most would do. This is a highly specialized tool that is useless for most of us.

Thank you for pointing out the focal length limitations. I concur that the photos are extremely misleading!

No! Oh, no! Bad … bad Woot! Oh, wicked , bad , naughty Woot !


Yes I concur on the limitations of this device. I bought one a few months ago and it was a complete waste of money. I’ve tried to use it several times when it would be very handy if it could focus over a reasonable range, but never could see anything useful. Usually I get good stuff from Woot but this is not good at all.

I’m holding out for the one that can help me check for colon cancer.

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