SwissTek Retro Go! Portable Gaming Console

SwissTek Retro Go! Portable Gaming Console

Can you please post a game list with the games, akot of these built in game consoles have games that are repeated so there’s not actually the number they claim. They might infact have 400 games however 100 of those games are repeated on the list. Also, is there accessories that you can purchase so you can connect to a different device or does it have Bluetooth capability? Does it come with or have accessories to purchase to play with more than 1 player? Or can connect to a TV or labtop,laptop, etc.


Game list: Added to the last bullet as a link.

Bluetooth: Sorry, no BT capability.

TV: Yes, it supports TV display per the features.

We found an additional controller could be purchased via the Googles.


If you go through the list of games in the link and remove the duplicates, the total number is closer to 300 games. I bought this when it first listed, and while the price is good, and most of the games play well, there are MANY duplicates. and I think it was a deliberate decision to keep them, because the game list order is scrambled (not ordered alphabetically, or in any way that would have been helpful. Some games (Mappy and Mappy Cat - which are copies of the same rom) are broken, and unplayable. Still a fun little system, I’d love to be able to access the storage, and add my own NES roms, but I haven’t found a way to do that. The driver for the USB device that was detected isn’t available. All things considered, I wouldn’t pay more than this woot sale price. It’s a cheaply made product.