Swisstek Reverse-Folding Umbrella

We bought one a couple of years ago and the umbrella won’t stay open. It won’t lock into place.

Just got two of these and they work great. My sister loved hers. I’m back for Christmas presents.

As an engineer I love new gadgets and novel twists on established technology, so imagine my excitement when I saw this umbrella. I purchased two and couldn’t wait until it rained after I received them. Very disappointed! Although I think the concept is incredible and the only change in my umbrella use behavior protocol involved when closing the umbrella after getting out of the rain. Always make sure you dump the water caught inside before you bring it inside a dry area like the inside of your car or home. Learned that the hard way! :slight_smile: Unfortunately as an umbrella, performance was worse than any other umbrella I have ever used. If it’s open and you sneeze underneath it with your pointed upward, this thing will collapse and you’ll be standing in the rain with everyone else around you laughing as you hold this silly looking umbrella in your hand.
Sorry, novel idea, but I think the world will need to wait longer for this technology to be perfected.

Searched Amazon and found the following list. None are from Swisstek but many in the same price range and there are helpful reviews.

Amazon Search for SwissTek Inverted Double Layer Windproof UV Protection Umbrella

“Strong umbrella bead is not easy to deformation and take off the line”

errr, wut?

Where is that?

Its on the pictures, in fact, several of the photos have varying degrees pf bad engrish lol

Ah well. Something for wooters to correct. :\

Me too! I bought one for myself & one for a gift & they will not stay open. So disappointed. Other than that it was a nice umbrella. But it only got 2 uses. :frowning: