SwissTek Umbrella

Not a good price, especially if you are an Amazon Prime member, where with no shipping charge it Will cost you less with a MUCH larger selection of colors. Reviewers give it about a 4, incidentally, with fhe most common complaint being unfixable beakage at the tips of the spines after a few uses, same as for cheap umbrellas.

Wonder why the color fabric is always on the inside of the umbrella instead of the outside when it’s deployed.
Brighter color on outside would be more visible to traffic and onlookers, would think it’s better that way.
On the inside would be like wearing your slogan tee shirt inside out so you’re the only one that sees it.

I’ll bite. Do you have a link where they are really that much less? Searching Amazon seems to put this price right in the wheelhouse of a low price. Maybe not the lowest price with shipping, but the price is still in the wheelhouse of fair.

Woot! had to bend mine to fit it in the box. The center of it bends easily and I was somewhat able to straighten it but still was there not a box big enough to ship this to me without bending it???

Google Swiss Tek umbrellas and you will find a bunch, with the Amazon site offering 32 color variations from solids to images (all on the inside) priced from 17.99 to 21.99 depending on choice … 2 day delivery on Prime with no shipping charges. Several vendors are offering these, probably all from the same Chinese factory. Idea is cool, but user ratings indicate they are not very rugged.

So, not a good price here? Seems 14.99 is a little less than the 17.99-21.99 you are saying is a better price. With the 5 shipping here, it is pretty close to the same. And if you are not a Prime member, then…

The “changlish” descriptions, for me are not indicative of a high quality item. looks like Woot is just copy-pasting the sheet that comes in the box now, did they fire their spunky copywriters recently?

Mine arrived today and it is bent like a banana. I have reported it to customer service. I have bought from Woot for YEARS, and this last year I have received at least 3, maybe 4 items that were just broken when they got here. So disappointed.

I’m very sorry. I’m sending a note to the buyer so they can discuss with the vendor.