SwissTek Universal Qi Car & Desk Charger

Woot! Can you figure out a way to keep the past comments for items that are identical but simply moved around your site? It is frustrating to know that you’ve (me) left important comments on a product then to have it leave the site and return as if no one had bought it before and left comments.


Yeah, we don’t have a way at this time to keep comments when a sale relaunches at a later time.

Good idea though.


Thank you though.

Were they good or bad comments. I see some like this for $40 or so. Should I not?

Do not buy. These should be limited to a BOC.

Note the 10 item maximum quantity now and disappearing reviews.

[MOD: different item]

I have this one in my wife’s truck and it works perfectly. I don’t know the charge rate but it keeps her iPhone 8+ charged up while using Google maps. I haven’t tried it yet on my Note8.

I had tried another similar unit from Woot but the charging coil in that one was located in an incompatible spot for the iPhone 8+.

This one has great articulation and the suction pad is the newer gummy type that adheres to even rough surfaces.

WOOter, the link that you posted was the other car version that I had tried and had to return (Woot just refunded my money and told me to do what I wanted with it). That version might have worked for shorter phones but not the iPhone 8+.

Good luck all.

Ordered this. Didn’t look like the picture (ugly yellow accents). Doesn’t have the adhesive mount pad either. Will be contacting customer service.

I forgot about the yellow colored foam pads, but mine did have the great gummy style pad (unless you meant a pad that adheres to the dash that then allows the mount to suction to it). If you could get by with the device the way it came, you can use a Sharpie marker to change the yellow to black (be sure to let it dry before using it).

Hey I appreciate the advice! I sent customer service an email and here was the reply (below). It’s either a canned reply because it’s somewhat vague or, there was a misreprentation of the the product they are working on. I must say, what was sent I could have gotten from Wish, by just paying shipping. It’s that fantastic :joy:

Hello there,

We’re sorry about that. We’re aware of the issue, and our staff is working diligently to address it. We’ll be in contact shortly with more information. Thank you for your patience!

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

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