SwissTek Universal Qi Car & Desk Charger

Groupon user reviews are horrible.
Too bad, I’m really looking for something like this for my S9+

Is this the same knock off as linked below? #askingforafriend

Is this the same knock off as linked below? #askingforafriend

I bought this multiple times last month and received the desk version that is being advertised now.

Can someone from Woot or Amazon reply to this question please.

Looks like this one and the one you linked are the exact same. Both a knock off of this iOttie

The title says this is a Qi charger, and a litle is mentioned in the description about charging, but I see nothing in the pictures that indicate there is a charging wire plugged in, nor do I see a port. Does this, in fact, really function as Qi charger? Where is the port to plug it to a charging cable?

USB Cable plugs into the left side of the stand.

Also, note that we’ve updated the images. We had incorrect images.

The pictures show three different units. I have the unit in the first picture that I bought through Woot months ago and it works great with my Wife’s IPhone 8+ and my Note 8.

Until Woot gets their pictures figured out I would avoid buying this.

Mine arrived today, and it’s the one shown in the first picture, although the other pictures are shown on the box (check boxes next to pictures on the back tell me that the box is used for multiple similar models). The Qi does, in fact, function using the aforementioned port. The package arrived in good condition, although parts were missing, so I’m seeking to return it (no, not with this post). I’m not entirely sure yet if I want a refund or replacement.

They will probably tell you to keep/trash the one you have now. Just reorder and enjoy the free spare parts.

Bought this and it broke after one day.

Of all the purchases I have made at Woot, this is by far the worst. Won’t even stick to my car dash. Avoid at any cost!

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.