SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Charger

Just to be clear, does this include the 5V/9V (QC compatible) wall wart? It’s not in the pictures.

Galaxy S9 and S9+ can be added to the list of compatible devices.

Probably not.

Will it work through an Otterbox Case? I have an iPhone 8 Plus.

These do not come with a wall plug. It only comes with a micro USB cable.

You may want to get the specs edited, then. There’s one listed.

[MOD: updated]

Input is 10 (5v * 2A) Watts but output is 16.2 (9V * 1.8A) Watts??

I have two of these and my whole family have samsung phones (s7 edge, note5, s4 with wireless adapter), and these chargers work only when there’s no case on the phone. I have one of those minimal see through cases on my phone and the charger keeps dropping the connection and quits charging.
This is trash.

On the one hand, I’m totally pissed that it didn’t come with a power supply, especially in order to get the quick charging, it takes a special USB power supply with the 9V. On the other hand, I have one already, and it charges through my wallet/case, so I’m happy…I guess…

Mine worked ok through my slimline case. Note the tense. It started to get seriously wonky after 8 months or so. (iPhone 8+).
Also microUSB cables are the work of the devil. Just sayin’

Similar experience to others, worked for a little while (iPhone X w/ slim case), then unreliable. Stopped charging about 3 months and a week after purchasing, and with the 90 day warranty, I’m SOL. Don’t buy this, it’s pretty crappy.

Is this actually Qi certified?
None of the pictures show the back label with certifications and there isn’t enough info to find the product in the Qi database (

Got mine and it doesn’t work at all. Not using a case and tried several different wall chargers including Samsung fast chargers. So no wall charger included, documentation is terrible and the product is cheap.

:frowning: Sorry.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Just to be clear, this charger has been available at this price, everywhere since Christmas. The notion that it was ever $119 is laughable.

Got mine and it doesn’t work at all. I tried several wall charger and different cable, documentation is terrible and the product is cheap.

#1 - No wall wart. Got burned by one from FRY’s awhile back - no Wall Wart provided.
#2 - Unless you have the specified phone, fuhgeddaboudit. Altho the QI charging spec is specific, not all phones behave alike.
#3 - These things can get fairly hot, mainly because of the inefficiency of the energy transfer, case thickness, un so weiter.
#4 - Check with your wireless provider, get one of theirs specific to your phone, man up and pay the $40 and you will be much happier.
#5 - Use it with plenty of air circulation, and check from time to time. See #3 above.
#6 - Yes, the USB connector specification is abominable. Did you hear the inventor died, and at the funeral they tried to lower him into the grave, then hauled the casket up, turned it over and it went into the grave?

Hey there, these are Qi certified.

This thing is a piece of junk. Plugged it in and set my phone on it. My phone just acts like I keep plugging and unplugging it over and over. Hours of fun watching you phone have a freak out session, wondering if you are causing irreversible harm to your $1000 phone. Tried nudging to the left and right or positioning landscape and nudging around to see if I could find the sweet spot where the so called ‘intelligent system’ would do its job. Fail all around. After a couple days of trying, I’m giving up, it’s stressing me out that I’m just destroying my phone. Keep you money, don’t buy this junk.