SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Charger

I have two of these and they work great for me, using a really slim “naked tough” case on my phone, but my wife and daughter hated them because the phone wouldn’t charge consistently with their slightly thicker phone case on. (One case had “gold flakes”, the other one an otterbox.

Does this work for the Galaxy S9 also?

Be careful with this one. Ordered it last time but did not notice that it did NOT INCLUDE THE WALL ADAPTER PLUG! YOU NEED IT, HOWEVER WOOT REFUNDED MY $ WHICH STILL MADE IT WORTHLESS!

Correct. It’s not included nor listed as included. Many items no longer include the wall adapters.

Just received mine and it doesn’t work at all. Packaging was horrible, and it may have been damaged in shipping. Not worth the expense of shipping it back. Buyer beware.

PLEASE, PLEASE contact our customer service. We need to know when there are issues with products.

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Works as advertised… However, based on the build, it is clearly not worth the “original” price of $100+. It’s lightweight and made of cheep feeling material. It works, but when I set my phone in it, it moves a bit. Not a deal breaker, but slightly annoying. I expected it to have a bit of heft to it and it does not.

Works. Gets kind of warm / hot with Samsung fast charge adapter and an S7 and an S8. Currents in fast charge mode seem a little lower than plug in fast charge. Very nice not to mess with the 2 different cords, USB C and u USB. Regular charge mode seems to have good currents in line with a few other wireless chargers we use. Plastic casse isn’t that sturdy.

I got one the last time I saw the deal and so far it works well enough. I have a rooCase Origami on my Nexus 7 and I cannot find a way to get this to charge it, where my older flat disc charger does just fine. The Galaxy s6 charges fine in it’s case. Doesn’t make sense. I might actually get a second one for my desk at work. I’m really hating the aging/USB cables failing.

Buyer, be careful with this website. I bought “American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Connect Charge-2Pk”, but they shipped only one. Lucky that I check, and I complain them. Here is what they sent to me. Unfortunately, we do not have any replacements available to send you at this time due to a lack of inventory in our warehouse.

The Nexus 7 can be charged wirelessly?? it was released in 2013!

My Nexus 5 can be charged wireless. However, my Pixel can not :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not not a one hundred dollar item. Cheap plastic that does heat up.
I’ll go back to my lay down pad and keep this in my bag for traveling to customers offices if I run low on juice. It’s definitely a 18 dollar charger.

I find it interesting that Amazon has this model listed at $118, yet all their other wireless chargers sell for under $20.

I bought two of these and they work well with my non-cased iphone X as well as my wifes cased one. It is totally not represented correctly as $100 off as you can buy the same thing on Amazon for same price. Packaging was crap as someone noted earlier, but no damage. It does work though so I would recommend.

So it’s like buying a value meal in a drive-thru with no napkins, straw or bag to carry everything in. Score!

Or flying on a plane with no free meal or headphones.

Or opening a bank account with no free gift.

Cost savings. They’re real.

I have three of these I bought on Amazon. Two of them work great. The third one has a problem where after a couple of minutes, the light starts blinking blue-green-blue-green and it doesn’t charge anymore. Using w/ an LG V30.

Will this work with the iPhone XS?