SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Chargers

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SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Chargers
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Is the car charger actually qualcomm quick charge? Or is it just saying it charges quickly but is really just pushing out standard numbers?

anyone know if these will charge with a cover on the phone still?

Does anyone know if the car charger stand holds well? I’ve had a bunch of different brands and after a week they fall and then my phone gets smashed. The new iPhones are a bit heavy and I have yet to see a good car holder that can hold. Thanks.

Get a Nato Smart Mount. They are strong and work really well.

The stand and the car charger are fast charging (9 volts @ 1.8 amps = 16.2 watts) while the mat is just regular slow charging (5 volts @ 2 amps = 10 watts).

I have one of these in my car and can attest to it working well, but if the original commenter is commenting here, they’re probably interested in this holder because it offers Qi charging, and the Nato Smart Mount does not.


Well this was a waste. This is closer to a scam than it is “bad luck.”

First, it’s absolute poor quality design. You have to jam the mini USB between the charging plate and the arm, which basically renders the more vertical orientation impossible. And it’s made of that oh so great plastic that will break with the slightest pressure or tightening the screw on the back

Maybe that’s why the charging doesn’t work. When you plug in the USB (from either my car USB ports OR the lighter adapter), the thing blinks a few different colors then goes off. It started charging ONCE - when the light remained blue - but this too was NOT AT ALL fast charging on my S7 (4+ hrs to 100% from 40%…). After that the light either stays red or off, and no charging. Tried a bunch of functioning fast charging cables too

The holder - holy crap. It’s designed so that the weight of the phone extends the bottom arm down, and closes the side arms (they do NOT reach over the top to hold firmly). Of course as mentioned, you can’t orient vertically. So the arms which are already super loose have no chance of holding when the car is moving. No DONT tell me I have to remove my case, if that was the idea during design the manufacturers are idiots - not how people use their phones while travelling. Designed by idiots for gullibles

I will be happy when I get my money back. Sick of absolute crap products marketed as useful / functional when clearly they are not. Companies like this should be sued outright. Apologies for the vitriol, but i don’t like being cheated. It would be nice if sites like Woot would not sell this kind of nonsense that literally does none of the things it claims it should. Way too many issues for something so simple…

Regarding the car charger: Do not bother. I found it held well despite my initial misgivings. But it didn’t seem to charge my phone. I made some short drives and the charge never went up, but decided to give it another rest and drove for thirty minutes with the phone on the charger.

THE CHATHE ON MY PHONE DROPPED 2%. Yes, that’s right, it LOST charge.

The battery icon showed as charging the whole time but it still went down. I’ve never seen a charger do that. I’ve had chargers maintain charge without adding, but never subtract.

I’m hoping I can get my money back but, if not, this thing is going in the trash.

I just got mine last night and…

It charges for 2 seconds then stops.

I have tried the supplied charger and my own Charger (Anker Quick Charge 3.0) charger with same results.

I have a Galaxy S8 and the stand hits the power and volume button on the sides if I push it down to much.

I need to return it, the stand I can deal with but the no charging I can not.