SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Chargers

Don’t waste your money on the charging mat. It’s so cheap and light weight; additionally, the charging cord is about 6" long and completely useless.

The car mount will charge a Samsung Galaxy S8+, but not a Note 8.

Don’t waste your money. The mats doesn’t work with the iPhone. I bought two mats and a stand none of the work. They are very cheap material and the cord is about 6 inches long. what a waist of money. Very disappointed

You would of thought I purchased this at a third world flea market. Complete trash.

I got the stand last week for my note 5 and I must say it works flawlessly. Even with my flip s view case it charges my phone super fast.

Can anyone tell me what kind of attachment the car plate uses? Is it a basic Suction cup or one of those multi-surface ones?

bought and received the stand. it seems absolutely uaeless will not work with my Note 5 or wifes iphone 6. seems like a piece of garbage and complete waste of money

Ahhhh… Hindsight, you evil Vixen.

The mat works, eventually, on my Note 8. The stand? Not so much. It works well to hold it, and my charger cable fits through the hole at the bottom, but the Qi? The Browns have a better chance of making the Superbowl.

The mat’s specs indicate it’s not a fast charger. And who would get a Qi charger for their iPhone with micro USB. it’s one extra cord to carry if you travel. A lightning corded charger can still charge your iPhone if you don’t use the mat. I use a Qi charger hub, that connects to my Mac. The goal is to carry fewer different types of cables not more.

Seems like folks are experiencing different things about the products. I purchased the stand and car charger. The stand works awesome and says it has two coils and I must say I don’t have to carefully place it on the charger I just throw it on the stand it it starts to charge and does it fast. The car charger on the other hand will not charge thru my case and is slow. Get the stand skip the car charger.

The car charger won’t charge my 8+ with the case on. I had to take the case off to get it to, and on top of that, it doesn’t hold the phone well at all.

Piece of crap. Don’t waste your money.

It’s a basic locking suction mount that they added some super sticky adhesive to. It will stick to your windshield, dashboard, dog, or anything else it touches.

The car mount hold and charges my iPhone X in the otter box case, no complaints here. Plus the plug is uSB so it doesn’t have to block my outlet the I have my other backseat USB stuff plugged into. I’d buy it again now, we’ll see how the suction/adhesive holds up.

I bought the stand a couple weeks ago and it works perfectly with my Note8 and my wife’s Galaxy S6, even with the cases on the phones. I might get another one to keep at my desk.

They work with my iPhone X but they’re complete crap. The mat has a very slick surface and the charging cord is EXTREMELY SHORT.

Don’t know why it wouldn’t work for Note 5, but iPhone 6 is not capable of wireless charging anyway, unless you’ve got a wireless case on it. iPhone 8, 8+, and X are the only models capable of wireless charging out of the box.

I will say that I own two of the stands, and they’re nearly garbage. I have a leather wallet case on my iPhone X, and the stand will charge, then stop, then charge, then stop, over and over, until it’s fully charged. Bought them on Amazon, and I’ve already got labels to ship them back.

Stay away. I bought one as a Christmas present for a friend and the box came crushed. The wall plug is loosely in the shipping bag, not actually packaged with the product (not ideal for a present). I took it out of the box and it was very flimsy and cheaply made (as others noted).

Don’t buy these. I bought 2, they didn’t work, and the monkeys won’t take them back!

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