SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Chargers

Some pictures of the mat:

Just stopping by to say this car mount is AWESOME. It is actually fast charging as stated with my Galaxy S7 and is so much easier than plugging in a phone then trying to fit it into a mount with a cord sticking out.

I ended up having to get a refund on the mat. I used it at work and come to find one day it wasn’t charging, it had begun to melt on the top and bottom of the mat near the USB connection.

They haven’t had the car mount one available for weeks now. Come on Woot!

while looking at the laptop deal Woot has , there is a little box near the bottom of the page with an ad that says ‘‘SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Chargers’’ ‘’$10.99’’ and ONLY shows a photo of the Wireless Charging STAND ! Woot , don’t you think this is a little misleading…I do. Aren’t you at least required to include ‘‘prices starting at…$10.99’’ either that or show the photo of the $10.99 MAT instead of the $15.99 Stand ? !

Hi there. I’d love to see a screen shot of this ad. Was it an ad for another site or an offer on our site.

The only thing I found was best deals and it looks like this:

I just got one and the USB cable got hot immediately. I tried another cable and determined that it was the cable that was the issue and not the mat. But now I am wondering if I want to use it at all…