SwissTek Universal Qi Wireless Chargers

I ordered a mat back in December. I came into work this morning and part of the plastic housing melted. Looks like something may have shorted out. Pass on these folks.

I’m very sorry! Please email CS and let them know this happened.

I finally got to order the car charger version yesterday but it looks like they’re already out of stock again.

Anyone have the car charger? I’ve been wanting to grab one. Does it attach to the car well? I don’t like using vents. I would have no problem screwing it down. I wish that were an option.

The pad for the curious.

Just arrived yesterday.

Screwing it to the dash doesn’t appear to be an option. But it does attach to a smooth relatively flat surface very well but…

I ordered the style called car charging plate for my wife’s iPhone 8+ that the description states it works with (it will not work, I’ll explain below). The other style called car and desk charger was not an option when I ordered.

The version I have has arms that hold the bottom and sides of the phone. They work together by a mechanism that brings the sides inward when the bottom goes down from the weight of the phone. Unfortunately the iPhone 8+ dimensions are too wide to allow the phone to lower enough in the holder for proper alignment with the charging plate. This is both with and without a protective case installed on the phone. If I pull the bottom of the phone out of the lower arm and then lower the phone about 1/2 - 3/4 an inch lower then the phone starts charging.

I’ll submit for a return and try the new version to see if it works better.

Car charging pad is garbage. Came in a Chinese package with Chinese directions. Ordered same product on Amazon for 15 bucks cheaper and it worked. Woot is hard to trust.

I had the same experience. I left my phone charging on the pad and came back to a strong burning plastic smell. The pad had a small section melted at the base and it was extremely hot. That doesn’t seem too safe. I would hate for one of these to lead to a fire.

Please email CS and let them know!

Claimed to be SwissTek, arrived a completely unbranded Chinese product swathed in barely-understandable English. Got the stand version; the base does seem to get pretty hot but hasn’t burned up yet.