Swisstek WEC Wi-Fi 3-Meter Endoscope Cam

Swisstek WEC Wi-Fi 3-Meter Endoscope Cam

Does the “focal distance” range imply anything outside of 8mm will not be in focus?

I looked this up on Amazon, found an item with an identical product photo under a different brand name. It has over 2000 reviews averaging 4.3 stars. The first listed review sounded…odd. So I went over to Fakespot who gives the Amazon reviews a “D”.

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If they are using the standard definition of focal distance for endoscopes, I believe that it means that at 3-8mm from a target, you can resolve two printed black parallel lines as separate when they are separated by 0.125mm of white space. Thus, anything beyond those distances will be increasingly out of focus. More expensive units offer changeable focal distance lens, but some DIY’ers have modified cheap units with 3D printed mounts to support different lenses. I have no idea if that is possible with this unit.

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Did we mention that it has a long enough cord to enable you to check the backs of your teeth for cavities while giving yourself a colonoscopy?

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From the shown product photos it seems like this Cam can be used to see fittings etc under the wall. Is this correct?

I found the exact same one on Amazon for 30/prime free shipping, i’m going to buy it there first just because of the return policy there vs woot (sorry woot, I still care, but)…

return policy aside… Woot is owned by Amazon these days and if you are a prime member then you get freee shipping from Woot too. All you have to d is log in under your amazon prime membership which is an option under your account info.

The description mentions peacoats, rucksacks and canned hams.
Are any of these include with this item?
More importantly, how does this work with my iPhone? What app does it use? I don’t see a Swisstek app on the app store.

Wsee app does not exist for Apple.

Password to connect to WiFi isn’t included.
12345678 from a similar product.

So far I’m thinking it sucks.

Buyer beware I guess.

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I believe the password would be to your Wi-Fi, not the Endoscope.

There are other endoscope apps on the Apple Store if you can’t find Wsee.

If you’re unhappy though, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Update See my notes about the app below.

Any luck getting yours to work ? I cannot find an app that will connect it

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Yeah just got mine too. I think it was a return because it wasn’t wound up tightly and there’s a big ol fingerprint on the camera.

You know I had the a thought when I opened mine today. But since the app needed is no longer available I am returning this product for a refund. I’d imaging a lot of people are in for the same issue.

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The recommended app (link broken but I found it in the Play Store) crashes immediately upon opening. I found the Teslong support page ( and the Windows app there works for direct-connect USB. The Android app (.apk) appears to be only for USB as well. I don’t see any wireless options in it.

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Worst product I’ve ever bought from Woot!

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Hi all! We just heard back from the vendor:

The wifi password is 12345678

The App is WSee ( IOS and Android) and we spoke to the factory and found out it’s down for maintenance and should be live again in 3 days time.

I received this item today. As others have found, the WSee app is no where to be found and the Wi-Fi password is not even included with the instructions. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I downloaded seven iOS apps and found that AirScope app does work with this device, but you cannot alter any of the settings and the video quality is not good. See image below.

Hopefully the WSee app is released and much better than AirScope.


Wow this product does not work with apple iPhone. The instructions indicate to download the wsee app which does not exist. Can’t believe they are selling this product. Woot needs to reimburse customers for this piece of junk

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Piece of Junk! Spent a hour trying to get this to work with multiple android apps with no luck.