Swisstek Wi-Fi Endoscope-1 or 2pk

3-meter? or 3-ft?

Meters is correct. Thanks for calling it out. :slight_smile:

Anyone have one of these? how do they work?

When one buys a 2pk may 1pk be used on one smartphone while the second 1pk is used on a different smartphone?

You make sure it’s charged up, plug in the camera flexible thing and put their app on your phone. Once you have everything paired up it sends a up to HD image to your phone that looks pretty good. I haven’t stuffed mine down a drain or anything yet but it should do great for as far as the camera can reach and figured it’d be handy for lots of thing I’d like to be able to see into around here without tearing things apart to do it.
Mine worked fine right outa the box once I got everything setup properly.

Will this work with iPhone? The description doesn’t say if there’s an app for it.

This model is Android.