Swisstek Wi-Fi Endoscope-1 or 2pk

Anyone know how big the camera end of this is? Could it be used in sinus cavity to look for insects?

I bought this one:

It’s sad, but I have a response for this from personal experience…not looking for insects but having a sinus infection and exploring.

It is on the bigger side, scraping up inside your nose. I’m female, it was a tight fit. I had my bf do his nose but he couldn’t put it up there too easily due to all his nose hairs lol but he did ultimately get it up further than I could.

Resolution on ours was a bit iffy that close up but we could see snot in my bfs sinus cavities. The lights at the end of the camera cause it to get pretty hot and would start to feel a burn of warmth in the nose.

We also looked in each other’s ears…my bf has a nasty black blob in his right ear that I’ve insisted he get cleaned out. He doesn’t want to mess with it, but I told him lets at least try some hydrogen peroxide.

I’ve used it to look into the walls for leaks from a pipe on the tub. I’ve used it to look at insulation (or lack thereof) behind my sink that froze up this winter in the master bathroom. I attached a wire hanger to it for these household explorations. It’s not as simple as shoving the front of it in the wall and expecting it to snake around on its own.

If I remember later, maybe I’ll attach the pictures we took while doing the nose and ears exploring haha if anyone would like to see.

I’m going to regret posting this…