Swivel Store Deluxe 2-pk w/Spice Bottles



I picked this up last time it was here, it’s actually pretty useful.

You won’t get enough empty bottles to fill the racks though, and many standard size spice containers are too big to fit.

It also comes with some metal things that I’m not too sure what to do with, it’s not mentioned in the instructions.


Amazon comments says these things take up more space than you might think:


It will hold McCormick spice bottles, glass and plastic. Anything bigger than that probably won’t fit.

I also have no idea what the metal things were for. It seemed to be some kind of bracket, but what it attached to and what function is performed is beyond me.

Swivel Store Deluxe 4pk w/ Spice Bottles

Completely useless! These don’t hold the larger glass bottles and the rack will not stay in place in the cabinet. Very cheap for a cheap item.


watch the height, need plenty of space on the shelf. also, the plastic bottles don’t come with labels. From what I can figure, the loose metal pieces mentioned, fit on the inside bottom, so they can be removed and cleaned.


Dang … this is less than half the price of what I paid just a few weeks ago on Woot! Woot should have a Price Protection guarantee!


Yeah,I’m a moron. I got TWO last time. No bottles, so wrote Woot and got One set of bottles and they are CHEAP plastic that breaks and the shelves…ok, so $$$ recycling run this week. Don’t bother it’s not worth the shipping let alone the price.


The design concept is great but the execution is very flawed.

  • Yes, it’s flimsy like everyone says
  • The shelves are pretty small, meaning most of my bottles don’t fit. Luckily this comes with empty bottles that fit – but no labels, unfortunately.
  • And you do need a few inches of horizontal clearance


Only TWO!!! What a wimp! I got 6 last time… :slight_smile:


HORRIBLE - these are not worth your time. They are lightweight, and won’t support anything I have in my basic spice shelves. Of which, they wouldn’t fit in there anyway. Light weight, crap, won’t fit the spices, won’t fit the shelves. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.


Anyone have these in an RV? What do you think about them, do they give you more cabinet space?


Those who want a more practical alternative should look into the Youcopia spice racks. Not only is it much better built, but it also lowers your bottles for easier access. That’s important for shorter cooks like my mom. Plus it comes with labels that you can see without pulling out the shelves. They come in many different sizes.



These things swivel out such that you can’t put anything around them in your cabinet. They use up more space than they save. They are terribly designed. I got two and ended up throwing them away.


I don’t have an RV, but you can potentially gain some space. That’s because the shelves allow you to use vertical space which would otherwise be wasted. Make sure there is clearance around the sides of the unit, and make sure you shelves are high enough. I bought some for friends and half of them couldn’t use it because their shelves are too short.


A web search that no one knows exactly what those metal brackets do. Your guess is a likely possibility since the bottom of each shelf is the only place the brackets actually fit. But there is no practical reason to line the bottom like that because spices are dry. If you lift the brackets out to clean, loose spice particles will fall right into the plastic shelf.


i kind of want these for my Nail polishes.


Not practical. Here is a review



They’re not bad on top of the microwave.


I found they fit perfectly in the bottom of each tray, still waiting for the spice bottles that were shipped seperately to show up