Swivel Store Deluxe 4pk w/ Spice Bottles



Worst product ever…

I bought two when they were twice as expensive. There is no way to mount them. There are weird extra mystery metal pieces.


I ordered this last time. The spice racks came fairly quickly. Still waiting on the bottles (it says they ship as two separate packages).

It actually was pretty decent. Better than I expected. Thin plastic, but good enough to organize the mess that is our spice rack of odds and ends from World Market.


Im the same, waiting for the bottles to arrive…


Says each rack can hold 20 bottles. So the complete package ships w/ 20 (separately from the racks) but holds 80?


mine came with 10 bottles in another package inside the box. Almost threw them out.

Never could discern what those metal parts are for haha.


How long ago was the order? They should come within a few days of each other. If it’s been longer than that, email service@woot.com so they can look into it for you.


What are the size of the spice bottles(oz)? I cant seem to see find that info. Anyone have a closeup of the sifting cap/lids? Need to know how useful these bottles are if I am going to be transferring all my spices to generic containers.


I bought these a couple of weeks ago and will pass on this info:

Yes, the racks and bottles ship separately. There were quite a few days between shipments but they got here eventually.

Those are NOT metal mounting hardware pieces. The metal pieces fit down into the shelves to make rack a little more rigid/sturdy.

I’m still trying to figure out where to put/use mine, and still think they’ll be worth the minimal expense/novelty.


The bottles in the pictures look kind of thin. Do these racks hold the standard bought-it-at-the-grocery-store sized spice bottles? (Spice Islands, McCormick’s, etc.)


I bought these when it was a 2-pack. The bottles came in the big box from woot. I haven’t tried to see what the bottles (10 of them) look like since I discovered that the Swivel Store is about 2 inches taller than my shelf.


Have one right here. With lid, it is approximately 3.875" tall. Diameter is approximately 1.75". Lid screws off. There’s a pry-off shaker cap. Dry capacity is about 1/3 cup (dry white rice).

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Are the spice jars plastic or glass?


Yes, the racks accommodate standard size spice bottles (McCormick’s) and salt or pepper grinders, Montreal Steak seasoning, etc. Some of the larger bargain sizes from places like Dollar Tree and such may be too large to fit.

Size of actual bottles they ship is about 3.875" tall by 1.75" diameter. Holds about 1/3-cup’s worth of, say, dry rice.


Number 1 plastic PET is what they have imprinted on base.


Unless you’re really serious about wanting all of your spice bottles to match, I’d just leave what you’ve got in the McCormick (or whatever) bottles they’re in. They will fit.

There are 11 holes in pry-off cap, about 1/8" diameter each. Star pattern.


The metal pieces slide down into the shelves to give the rack a little stability/weight. I guess they also keep powder from falling down into bottles below.


Thanks for the help, Dralbora!


Do these come in individual boxes,as if you bought them in a store?


Thanks, eetzel… That reminded me to measure my own shelves first… they won’t fit. :frowning: