Swordfish Fencing

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puahahha awesome! cool design man

there’s somthin fishy about this shirt!

Funny Anthony!!! Grats on the print, and wonderful execution on the design!

Haha, I’ve been wanting this on a shirt (since I saw the art posted elsewhere previously)! Now I just need to check the old bank account…

Great art dude :slight_smile:

wow thats good. i laughed irl on that one. truly original

Now if there were more dudes hanging around drinking with no women around it would be a true sword fight.

that’s freakin hilarious!

in for one!

the seemingly panicked look on the fish faces is definitely a nice touch :slight_smile:

just noticed there are some gradients in this one. I really want to see how they turn out

Funny concept! Well executed and drawn too…

So what’s the point of this shirt?
Please, someone take a stab at this.
I want to buy it, but I’m on the fence on this one.

I lol’d, but who would wear this?

someone who enjoys boating and fencing… maybe wear it to your rich friends “fencing on the yacht party” lolzerskates

Those are super fine dots still, I gather… I still bet we won’t get that option for quite a while derby-wise.

People who like to lol, I imagine :slight_smile:

Ah, but wouldn’t that be schweet? Definitely open up design possibilities…

Love it! What a fun shirt!

Let’s get some business / money themed shirts!!!