Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Kit - Two Pack Woot Info Post
It’s not a bug, it’s!

Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Kit - Two Pack [New] - $3.99 + $5 shipping shipping

2 * Sylvania 3-in-1 Music Share Earphones Kit

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Always with the earbuds!

YAWN!! repeat…

I’m dying to spend my money here, Woot, just put something worth a crap up so you can take it from me.

Finally! Justification for my Three ears!

i’m not going to make it to the bathroom!!!

This is a TAD ‘Homo-Erotic’ No?

more of these…lol

buy moar mp3 player for these!

No bag o grap yet?? nice!

You know, I could actually use a new Roomba… common already

Outthink My Girlfriends! More earphones??

I’m always losing headphones, and I find myself in lots of situations where I wish I had a splitter. In for one!

Headphones broke while waiting out this woot-off.

In for 1.

So… what’s actually in the box?

In the box:

* (4) White Earphones
* (4) Black Earphones
* (2) Audio Splitter

Is that eight sets of earphones, or are they counting each individual earbud as an entire earphone, thus making it two sets of white and two sets of black?


What a great item…feel like I’m listening to top 40 radio…the same thing over and over again…meh

Ah garbage… This is like the same crappy earpieces the airlines give you for flying on their plane.