Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Value Pack Woot Info Post
It’s, Jim

Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Value Pack [New] - $1.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Sylvania SYL-VP312 3-n-1 Value Pack Earphones

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Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Value Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sylvania SYL-VP312 3-n-1 Value Pack Earphones

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Ugh! That’s it. Done for the night.

oh not again!!!

I need new ear buds but doesn’t shipping kill this deal?

oh woot how uve bested me.

GREAT DEAL! $5.99 for one at

I want these 1/2 as much as I wanted the 2-packs from earlier.

Up at 3:57am for headphones? laaame.

Well, at least they are not refurbished like the 6 packs from last night!

Shitty, shitty, bang bang.

Crap headphones, but cheap. Buy for the young ones!

In for one! Which is to say In for three!

?4th woot-off in a row for these? (your call whether this is good or bad).

Well that’s it I’m out.

Enjou the bags of sheet igf they wshow up.

9 pairs of headphones for $11 if you buy 3. That’s pretty sweet.

I think? I can’t do math this late D:

2nd time this woot-off, actually. They had a 2-fer earlier in the day.

Missed that one. I was looking up twice? in September, once in August, and I think once in June (woot-offs).

That’s why you get three packs. You’ll lose them eventually, and if not, SOMEBODY always needs a pair of headphones. Or you could keep some in your car, in your other car, at your workplace, at your house, at your mistress’ house, at your wife’s house, at the hotel you frequent with your mistress, wife, or any combination of the two (?)…
The possibilities are honestly endless.

how is the sound quality?