Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Value Pack

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Sylvania 3-in-1 Earphones Value Pack
$1.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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not worth the shipping unless you buy 3 and then its still bad, go out and buy a better pair or give these to small children who will destroy them anyways.

Monkey time!

Can’t, they sold out! :smiley:

horrible sound
not worth the price even if they were free
got 'em last time and the kids wouldn’t even use them

I actually needed these, why are there so few of each item?

Woot is evil today. I’ve been trying to buy the tools and the earphones with NO success whatsoever.

Was gonna get these for my wife as she loses all the other more expensive ones, but it looks like they are no more. Missed it twice actually.