Sylvania 3-in-1 Headphone Value Pack


paaaaaaaad your WOOT stats

probably boc items

I got a two-pack of the hook model, they’re solid quality.

Looks like a good deal, but I’ll stick with my bose in-ears :slight_smile:

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Great instead of one crappy headphone we get three

3 for $0.99? How can these be anything BUT crap?

First sucker: sheriff92

yeah baby, thats how I roll

I’d rather use my Bose around ear.

you get what you pay for!

how can i get my lights to flash again?

If I use my 5 dollar off coupon, would they send me the difference?

OMG! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Tuesday woot off!!

sponsored by Southwest Airlines > <

In for three for the team to move things along, plus I’ll just donate these to charity.

In for three. And with my $5 off coupon we’re looking at $0.99 each shipped.

What the heck are they selling on kids woot ??? It looks curiously like adult toys!!! :open_mouth:

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