Sylvania 3-in-1 Value Pack Headphones

If they were 4-in-1 I’d be all over these.


would these last even more then a week?

Even at five bucks “value” seems an exaggeration here.


WTF woot gods? One sansa?! Went to click I want one, and it’s gone.

9 cheap headphones for $20? In for 3.

Amazon has it for $25.79.

Dang it! I bought that mouse and forgot to use my coupon.

there’s another type of person, the people who cry when they see 3 sets of headphones.

Should come with a ‘3-in-1’ y-splitter for all three so you can use them at the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:

One pair of junky headphones is not enough. I need 3 different styles of junky headphones!

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Wow - what a Product Page!

All one of you can get a set of these to go with the MP3 player you just bought.

where does one find the price of previously posted items?

I got one. I like the behind the head style. Wasn’t able to use a coupon code though. Only signed up for the newsletter today so I didn’t get one. “Serendipity” didn’t work for me either.

Seriously? It seems like there is more PMS here today than at an all girls dorm.

Where does it say how many are available?

On woot or otherwise, I’ve been looking for good cheap semi in ear with loop over head headphones. Do they just not make that style anymore?

Everything is over ear, or in ear, or with foam, or whatever. I use glasses, and my ears just don’t fit most ear only pieces… there’s not much I’m left with.