Sylvania 7" 2GB VIA 8505 Windows CE Netbook

I had one of these dogs for a couple of days before it died on me.

Windows CE was meant for “personal organizers” and is back from the day of the Palm Pilot, etc.

There are few Windows CE programs.

While the built-in Word looks familiar, it is cosmetics only.

You cannot run standard Windows programs, the WIFI is dodgy, and, if I recall correctly, the settings are not retained when shut off.

Whoever bought these at “Sylvania” made a huge mistake. Oddly, the finger pad was said to be the same one found on some Apple laptops.

it says its a tablet in the box. I am assuming that is a cut and paste error.

Seems like a reasonable price for a digital picture frame (as long as you don’t mind the keyboard). I am trying to remember whether Windows CE (or Windows Phone XP, if you prefer) has a slideshow app.

Not worth anything at all. Paperweight.

Perhaps if you are filming a small film and want to show someone destroying a laptop on screen?

I can’t think of any other use for this.

You can only browse websites from 2004