Sylvania 9” Portable DVD Player

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Sylvania 9" Portable DVD Player
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How come everything is refurbished?

How do you think they sell them so cheap? Think about it.

needs a TV tuner

Killer :frowning:

It’s a DVD player, not a television. If they offered a TV, would you complain that it lacked an internal DVD player?
This thing is portable…designed for use while driving in a car. Where are you going to get decent TV reception in a car? You going to strap a satellite dish to the roof?

Oh good, coffee time


Link to list of items during this woot-off?

Killer deal?

You buying 3? :wink:

he means wootoff killer. you have time to go make some pancakes.

Refurb = Better Than New. When it goes back to the company for fixing, it gets a complete QA check on every component as opposed to the random selected units off of the new line. Plus it still has the same as new product guarantees.

everyone should buy 3

Well, the redhead is back, I was on the phone for an hour, and came back to 12 comments! Way to pick up the slack, people!

Forget pancakes. I want Eggs Benedict, a Mexican omelette, and maybe even a Belgian waffle drizzled with chocolate wine and topped with strawberries. I can’t eat all of that, but a few bites of each would be nice while we’re all waiting for this pos to be over…

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sounds like a tub of war memorial DVDs are next, judging from the story…

“the DVD is barely more popular than plain old VD.”

Funniest narrative in a long while.

I found an older Phillips one that accepted SD cards and DVDs (It also tool older iPods. I have quite a few movies as AVIs and it was nice to just pop them in that unit. Of course, you could also burn them (as AVIs) on a DVD disk and get 3 or 4 of them in one place. That’s a feature I miss in some of these bargain models.