Sylvania Behind-The-Head Foldable Headphones - 2 Pack

have 2 pairs of these and the sound quality isn’t very good. i’m in for none.

Not good for people with big ears! Looks around nervously

Trying to kill the wootoff? These are awesome! I’m in for 10!

you know they’re good because Sylvania makes light bulbs. and we all know that light bulbs mean good ideas.

Wow. Thought I could only get crappy earphones from Continental Airlines!

I’ve used these when working out. They are really not bad, however, you do have to be careful with them as the part that goes behind your head, if it breaks, these become useless. But I’m still in for 3 at this price!

dont look very comfortable at all

I’m just not a behind-the-head kind of guy.

Reviews at Amazon

I never understood these headphones where the driver points FORWARD instead of INTO your ear canal. Does anyone know if this is an effective design?

i meant to say that these are the best ever and i’m in for 25!

Man, My F5 finger was getting tired.

Luckily, I had woot! lights!!
Click image for video

for people with BIG eares!!!

that’s where you keep your ear canal… forward

WOW - these are really going…very slooooow

I’ve tried this and they just don’t work for me


Can my granny use these without messing up her perm-fro?

Oh MY!!! NICE!