Sylvania Behind-The-Head Foldable Headphones

great for foldable ears

Not to worry, folks. The packaging says they work with MP3, iPod, and CD!

Perfect! Now my dog can listen to his Bone Thugz album.

not bad typicaly $9

use the coupon use the coupon

How come this is a “digital” headphone?

Does it mean you can plug (1) and unplug (0)? :slight_smile:

Come on woot! Let’s see something I need:

TV Tuner Card
1TB Hard Drive
32" TV

At this price, these won’t last long. I have to go take lunch to a friend, though, so I’m still holding out hope for the inflatable projector screen…one can always dream!

Later, w00ters! Remember the birthday coupon codes are still in effect. You could save $15 dollars today.

3rd item this wootoff, AND I KEEP FORGETTING THE #$^$%^#$%^#$%^$% COUPON!

I heard this one may take a while.

I’ve had these in the past, and I was disappointed in the way the earphone itself didn’t actually sit IN the ear canal. They kind of just hung over the ear and hovered on the outside. You get what you pay for I suppose…

Bought some on the cheap another time they were on Woot. Sound is exactly what you would expect for 99 cents. Fold nicely to fit in a pocket. NOT comfortable around the ears and do not fit very snugly in the ear either.

In for 3, you can never have too many headphones with two little ones in the house.

I did, got it for $1.07 shipped. They started adding sales tax for me now they are with Amazon. Im in Washington State.

Lame item

Did anyone else read them as The-Head Foldable Headphones, ouch.

I bought some of these last time. I like their foldableness. But they don’t shape very well to my head. When you’re used to in-ear earbuds, these feel loose and funny. Decent sound though.

Well I heard the bird is the word.

$5 shipping kills these =/