Sylvania Earphones – 6 Pack

Amazon sells them for the same price…


Refurbished IN-EAR headphones - ewww…

So far, this is a wild and woolly Woot-Off.

one for each of my six heads!

don’t buy these headset. they are horrible… Be warned. I purchased them during last wootoff and they are in trash now.

no. nein. just no.

My garage is flooded with this thing now…

Oh NOWWW they’re new, how convenient

refurbished?!?! So the earwax is a freebie?

Of course they sound horrible, I paid more for my double cheeseburger for lunch today -.-


Good if you need something in a pinch, but not really “high quality” unless you consider echoey as high quality.

I agree. Very poorly made earphones

If you keep going, you will see they are not in stock/currently unavailable and unknown as to when they would get them back in. (I don’t know anything about the product itself though so I can’t say how good/bad it is.)

For $5.99 for six sets of sylvania earphones this deal is probably only overpriced by $6.

How are we supposed to move on to the next item if you guys keep saying they suck.


Dollar Store junk.

Ok, only kidding…

Condition says new, but description says refurbished. Which is it? If it’s refurb, then eww!!!