Sylvania Electronics

Same prices at Big Lots, except sales tax is cheaper than shipping. Pass.

Bluetooth protocol has got to be AVRCP. No such thing as ACRCP.

oh my god Sylvania Electronics
still exists??

that is all.

apparently the speakers are quite amazing for the price.

at least according to the 13 reviews on amazon where it happens to be selling for almost triple the price. hmm…tempting. i need a cheapo small set for a workstation and this might be it. why so glossy, though?

If you can find it. I went to Big Lots today and found one, and it was poorly repackaged, so that the styrofoam was sticking out of the box.

I’ll still wait and check some more Big Lots this week.

My 2.1 speakers arrived from Woot today. The box actually had a Big Lots sticker on it for $26! Testing it now with a tiny Sony mp3 player. For this price, it IS amazing.

Bass is pretty clean, adjustable bass and treble, nice imaging. Could do without the blue led ring on the bass unit, though. Regular plug, no power brick or wall warts… new in the package, and I didn’t have to drive all over the place to find a Big Lots with a stock that hadn’t been picked over. Bought two of them, one for work, and one as the sound for the beautiful 40" Hisense tv I bought here a couple weeks ago. Another amazing buy.

Ok Woot, I’m hooked…

Got my speakers yesterday…good sound for such a low price!

Just hooked these up, and I am reasonably impressed with the bass and clarity of the highs at medium volume. They are a good size for my desktop, and I like the look of the blue ring LED but I wish it could be turned off via switch without powering off the entire unit. It’s not super-bright but we’ll see how annoying it is tonight when I try to sleep with it on, facing the bed. Might have to turn the sub 90 degrees so it faces away. How did I not notice that when picking it out? Oh, that’s right, it wasn’t in the picture, nor was it mentioned in the write-up.