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I thought I was getting a great deal from Woot. But after I paid $25 for the speakers and $5 for shipping the box arrives it had a $26 Big Lots sticker on it. It was sold for about the same at Wal-Mart. Okay speakers, just not as good of a deal as I thought i was getting.

this should speak volumes about some of the “vendors” we’re told about.

I bought two deals of the 2.1 speakers last time, for the price they’re amazing!

Yes, they had Big Lots stickers on them, and yes, you could save shipping, if you wanted to drive around to every Big Lots in your area looking for them. I’m entirely willing to pay a small “convenience fee” to save on gas and time.

I’m in for three of them today!

Whats is a Big Lots Sicker mean?
Does it mean its a Refurbished item ??

big lots is a discount retailer. not really known for carrying quality merchandise.

I ordered these one of the last times they were offered. No Big Lots stickers, and for what it is worth, no Big Lots in my area.
These lights are rather large - Diameter is much wider than a standard bulb - so buyer beware about where you are going to place them. Trying to fit them in a standard lamp will take retro-fitting your lamp (I went to HomeDepot to buy new lamp shade frames and they were still not wide enough).
We have some big ceiling can lights in our kitchen and I installed them there. Absolutely love them, and the fact that you can dim the lights as well. I would buy more today if I had somewhere else to put them.
Are they hi-fi stereo quality?? No. But do they allow you to have wireless music in a stereo setting? Absolutely. I would say that the sound quality is better than one of those small “Bullet” speakers. But with two in a smaller area, it sounds great.
The one question I have and thankfully have not had to experience yet is what happens when the bulb burns out? The speakers only work when the light is switched on.
I might buy another set as a back up just in case I lose one.

These are great. Big Lots all day long for 24.99
They have about 40 of these boxes out on the floor. I’m wigged out that people are getting them shipped to them WITH the Big Lots stickers ON them. It’s like “Hey! Ha! I bought these from Big Lots on a huge deal at 10 bux a box and sold them to YOU for the SAME PRICE they SELL them as! " Suckers. But seriously. Even tho I’m cheap, I’d still pay 30 bux for these. The bass on them is pretty damned amazing for this price. I use these every day on my 22” TV in my office. Music sounds pretty damn good too.

OK Thanks for the Info (I Live in the Caribbean) So the Name “Big Lots” is Foreign to me.

So this is a Store in the USA ? That sells alot of refurbished Stuff? in Bulk ? At Low Prices ?

alot of their motorized stuff is refurbished. sweepers, blu-ray players, weed-eaters are some of the things I’ve seen at my local store refurbished.

not really known for bulk sales.

low prices sure. and usually low quality to go with the prices.

Ok I just Googled and Im assuming this is the Site

Question regarding the 2.1 speakers…

My TV only has the funny-shaped “digital audio out” connection on the back…no RCA, and no 3.5" connector. Will these do the job, or is there something additional I’d have to buy to get it to work? Help much appreciated in advance.

I was Going to Say your Need
2 x RCA Male, 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Female, Y-Cable (like this)

You say there is No RCA nor 3.5mm Jack.
This Sylvania SPeakers Sys has Only a 3.5mm Jack input.

Maybe this will Work (Digital to Analog RCA converter)

It supports both RCA outputs and 3.5mm…which would plu into the Sylvania Speakers

People need to specify what product they are talking about in this thread; it’s for all Sylvania Electronics.

In regards to Big Lots, I frequent there as much as I can for their great foreign food selection for cheap prices. Everything else does tend to be low quality or, in case of most of their domestic foods, close to or past expiration dates.
I have seen their Sylvania products there before marked down several times (several stickers in layers) but decided against getting them do to their cheap looks and flimsy build quality.
No clues as to the actual quality of these products, just sharing my observations.

I bought the “Sylvania SHTIB1044 2.1-Channel Speaker System” last time they were up on woot and I am pretty impressed with the sound and adjustability. They look great sitting on my desk, and the “sub” thumps out pretty decent bass.

My only complaint is that nowhere on the sale page did it say anything about the blue LED trim ring that is ALWAYS on when the thing has power. It’s bright enough I put something in front of it at night because it keeps me awake (and mind you the rest of the PC is below it). If it weren’t in my bedroom, I’d say it’s a pro, but as it is, I’m not so happy about it.

Your comment is dead on target. Many Woot Plus discussion threads are for multiple items. Therefore, identifying the product is extremely helpful. Your post deserves a “quality post” bump.