Sylvania Extreme Sports Earphones Earphones – 2 Pack



Well played, Woot, well played.

Says the person with 44000+ posts.

Isn’t Sylvania the company that makes light bulbs?

Not earbuds… pass.

FTW? failed

So happy i passed on all the $12 ear phones today…yay for a 2 pack under $3

In for one. Need some cheap earbuds to run with.

Has anyone else noticed the superfluous use of the word Earphones here?

are they comfortable??? cheap headphones make my ears hurt after an hour or so of using them

Ummmmmm…why these on here? However, they do make good light bulbs, I could use those. Epic Fail Woot!!!

those of us with wonky ears that won’t hold earbuds appreciate the hanger-style earphones. way to spread the love, woot!

I hate how tangled up this style gets when thrown in my backpack.

Has made a quality post…

Not when there’s a vaguely familiar brand name you can ruin

What he said.

In for 2 pair… I have a tendency to lose my earbuds regularly and it’ll be nice to have some that I can walk around chicago with without worrying about them falling out.