Sylvania Extreme Sports Earphones Earphones – 2 Pack

SYL-252BK at Amazon are $40! Are these the same model (doesn’t “BK” just mean “black”)?

edit: Lol - it also says they’re marked down from $1200, but they are $6 from an affiliate.

and I thought I was the only one!

My kids lose these things like it is their job. In for 3 …

This product would be great for… anyone.

Taking an order for the team. Good hiking earphones.

No, I think it means Burger King. Right up there with Pedobear.

You got boring again.

Not a problem, but I wanted to tell you.



Will these work for me? I got into a fight with a samurai and they cut my ears off but I still have ear holes.

excellent, quick and painless, how i like it

Nope, British Knights version.

where is my roomba?

Yep click on blog at the top of the page


I’ve been making at least one boring, er - I mean useful - post per item as long as I’ve been at my desk today.

He was better when he was hocking douche commercials, eh?

I’m in for one.
This is my first woot purchase ever. :o

It is better than useless earbuds.

If you go bike riding, running, or just like to move from time to time these will not fall off.

This is a good deal and I bought 1. Fuck Yeah, woot woot!

Definitely in for 3 packs. I lose these things all the time