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Sylvania In-Ear Earphones [New] - $1.49 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Sylvania SYL210 High Grade In-Ear Earphones

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Sylvania In-Ear Earphones
$1.49 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sylvania SYL210 High Grade In-Ear Earphones

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Haven’t we had these, like, twice now?

cheaper and cheaper these get

sweet! i haven’t bought any headphones yet! >_<

Do they really need to be called In-Ear Earphones? Where else would you stick them…on second thought lets not discuss that second question.

WOW - something new and it’s under 2 bucks. Go figure.

“High grade”? Is that like a B+ or better?

And what do earphones get grsded on, anyway?

are these any good? I have a pair of samsung in earphones that i love, and could use a few extra pairs. The JVC’s i bought as a backup are horrible

The earphones seem to be popular. We had the behind the ear ones yesterday morning (I bought 3) and the 3 pair last night.

Can you lie on your side (using a pillow) while wearing these? Comfortably?

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Are these compatible with my ice cream maker?

TRULY the WORST Woof Off with the crappiest JUNK I’ve ever seen ! I’m glad I didn’t stay up all night for this.

What did you do Woot, buy out all the DOLLAR STORES that were going OUT OF BUSINESS ?

You are truly wasting our time !

Sound Quality, Sound Isolation, Comfort, Build Quality, Value…

Just bought 2 becuase I’m sure they are not durable at all, but I need a pair that just get me to work and back on the subway. Anything is better than the apple headphones.

$5.00 shipping seems high for these.

Then again, $5.00 shipping for the 42" TV I wooted yesterday kinda makes up for it.

hmmm… is that right?

Is it still happening?