Sylvania MusicLite Bundles

The reviews on Amazon are not kind. The big issue being they use 2.4gHz frequencies and suffer drop-outs if there’s anything other than light WiFi traffic nearby. Cool idea but their implementation suffers.

I bought these about a year ago and never had a problem with audio drops or connection issues. The lights were one room over and about 25 feet from the PC source controller.
My problem with them is they sounded tinny and had very little low end. The overall size is certainly large enough to have a big enough driver to produce bass but I guess too much space it taken up for the wireless receiver and light. I resold them on ebay about a month after installing them.
Installation was literally as easy as changing a lightbulb and connectivity to the PC source was just USB plug and play too.
Finally the light color was very white, if you are used to the more yellow tint of an incandescent then this is different.

Great idea, but I cannot get them shipped to me, so I cannot comment on function. Ordered them on the 14th of March, they have showed “shipping now” since the 18th, contacted on 26th. They responded quickly to tell me to wait and contact them on the 31st. Makes me wonder if they are even in stock. It is the second time woot has done this since moving to Amazon, there will not be a third time for me. Ahh, I miss the good old days.

We are checking with the vendor to see why they haven’t shipped. Sorry for the delay.

A product that produces lightwaves AND soundwaves! Brilliant!

Any easy way to do stereo with two of these?

I have 4 of these attach to my entertainment center one in my kitchen overhead lamp and one in my patio set for both left and right channels channels. the other two i put into upward facing canister lamps one at either end of the couch one set for left and one set for right. they have a switch right on them to set left right or both, works great for me as wirless souround speakers I use the only center left and right speakers on my system and i can run TV vcr, dvd or sterio through them by having the unit plugged into the reciever you can use seperate remotes for each speaker or one for seperate zones each bulb comes with its own to control volume, source, zone as well as dim the light witch adds yet another effect to the room with the upward facing canisters. I am not so impressed with the usb verssion it seems to be choppy at the recieving end i dont use it I use the one with the 3.5 connection.