Sylvania MusicLite Bundles

am i right in thinking this can only play in mono, regardless of the audio source?

I am left to wonder why the Woot! uber gods think this kind of lame junk is a good deal at any price!

Why does “pop quiz” get substituted for the word llame (added an extra l for reason noted).

Can’t handle the truth huh?


No, best to get 2 of these set one for Left and the other for Right, default is Mono

Can you hook multiple of these. Someone said you can get stereo with 2

I’ve actually bought them a few times. Each speaker can individually be set to R, L, or R+L.

The light is pretty fair - not super soft white, but not LED white/blue. I have them in my office ceiling can lights as well as in my garage. The dimming works well, although it will be a touch slow because of the communications.

You can have each set to separate zones, have multiple lights/speakers in each zone. They communicate with each other, so point the IR remote at one, and it passes the signal along to the others.

The sound is solid, not great. They are small speakers, obviously. I think they sound a little better in a can, other prefer them out. I think they are quiet enough for an office, and loud enough for a garage.

Overall, I like them, and the only problem I’ve had was actually in one can light fixture, and it was the fixture, not the light.

Wouldn’t a “Bundle” denote more than one?

In most worlds, yes. Apparently not in the woot world though. :\