Sylvania MusicLite Bundles

So a $1 or 2 more and I can get this on Amazon…faster shipping, get sooner =0

I do not believe the Amazon items come with a transmitter for that price. I could be wrong because there are like 80 of them there.

Amazon’s Q & A states:
Q: Which transmitter does this come with?

A:Single lightbulbs don’t come with a transmitter. You have to buy a package that includes the transmitter.

So, are these actually light bulbs that play music? Like, do they have a speaker in them?

Yes, they’re LED lights with a speaker. You send music to them via the included transmitter. If you have multiple transmitters, you can switch the source using the remote. If you have multiple lights, they can be grouped or separated into zones. I have a zone in my kitchen and a zone in my family room. I also have two transmitters. They can both play from the same transmitter or each zone can use a different transmitter.

Oh, and now I see you were being sarcastic :slight_smile:

I have read the description several times and I am still having a hard time understanding this.

Do these only play LED Zeplin? Is it a speaker in there, or is it actually the band or just lead singer in there? Do they need watering or food to keep playing? This whole magic in a fixture thing hurts my brain, but seems like a good idea if you can get all your artists sync’d up.

And this is why I :heart: wooters.

I really wish they would’ve come out with the wireless subwoofer that they talked about when these first came out. They really need one for full range.

Granted, I do have a pseudo-workaround. You can split the audio out and run one to the transmitter and the other to a subwoofer assuming your source is in/near the room with the MusicLites. I’m hoping to do this once I find a suitable subwoofer…

One more note. I recommend making sure you don’t have a CF bulb on the same switch. I’m pretty sure that’s what was blowing mine every couple of weeks. I had 5 sockets and 4 MusicLites and the CF must have been sending a surge to the other bulbs and would blow the internal fuse.

I got a 200 dollar amplifier instead of the light I ordered…if I ordered more than one would I have gotten more of the amplifiers?