Sylvania MusicLites Speaker LED Light

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Sylvania MusicLites Speaker LED Light
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Set up guide


These are good for background music and offer pretty accurate treble reproduction but don’t expect anything that loud or strong in the bass department.

Check out the owner’s manual


From skimming reviews, it seems that they have interference issues with 2.4GHz devices.

I bought two sets of these (on an earlier Woot when you got a pair) and mounted them in the kitchen. The ones on the end of the kitchen with the microwave oven, died, stopped working, gave up the ghost. I called Sylvania, and they replaced them for free. They died again within a week. The other set, one works great, the other, only the light works.

I gave up on these and spent the extra money for Sonos. It was money well spent.

I bought 2 pairs of these on an earlier Woot deal and in general they worked well, except for one thing…
If you install them in cans that are larger than the light then you need a trim ring that snaps into the can and butts up against the light, holding it in place and making it look nice. These trim rings are referenced in the owners manual and they are listed on Sylvania’s site (or at least they were last year).
The problem is that NO ONE sells them! I looked in the very far corners of the Internet and couldn’t find anywhere to purchase them, so I spent hours trying to find something similar to no avail.
So, double check the installation instructions and look carefully to see if you are going to need these trim rings. If so, you might want to think twice about the purchase.
If anyone has come up with a source for these trim rings, or an alternate ring that actually works, please pass it along so that the rest of us can benefit!

I used a light bulb socket extender to overcome this can issue…doesn’t look great but works well!

Have purchased at least a dozen of these for family, friends, work, etc. When they work they work well, but have had several die (Either speaker, light or both). Sylvania did replace a couple, no problem but the replacements didn’t seem to last must longer. Still using them in my kitchen and basement but hard to recommend.

The retail set appears to come with Trim rings. I have seen them on amazon for sale. I managed to get mine working pretty good without interference by changing channel to one that does interfere with the two dozen wifi devices that are mostly 2.4 ghz. I have the Yamaha rx671 av receiver and using airplay have a interference with the Musiclite but the channel change fixed that too.

A heads up… The USB adapter version sucks. Every time is used it my iMac’s wireless card would stop working. The music sounded good but couldn’t stream from the internet. Everyone’s fix maybe different, but with some tweaking that matches your environment, you should be able to get it working.

I hear a lot of people complaining about sound of the speakers. Granted it’s not for your average audiophile… Again, setting up your source properly makes a huge difference. Mine sound plenty loud good enough for rooms that are warm with carpet and furniture. Big open spaces with a lot of acoustics might make them sound more inferior than they are. If you only have one musiclite, perhaps one isn’t enough for your space. But that goes with any sound system. I’m currently using mine to complement my 2.1 surround system and it sounds BANANAS!!

Hey maybe I’ll start a forum for these!

I have a bunch of these, and love them. Been hoping the price would drop (been at $49 a while [the $99 previous Woots were for 2 lights]), or they would sell them cheaper without the transmitter (you only need one transmitter).

The Con’s: The base is poor, and they confuse houseguests (they try to turn them on with light switch, and the delay in going on, makes them flip the switch numerous times, and I am sure shortens their life)

Sound best in small rooms with recessed lighting.

I bought 4 of these, installed them and about died of shock. They sound so poor, terrible, it’s hard to believe that people can tolerate such poor sound. I took them out and returned them as soon as possible for a refund. Save yourself the hassle and just pass on by, these are not worth messing with.

Between these and shower heads with built in speakers, after the gimmick is gone- there’s not much left.

I had forgotten I had an alert set up for these. I can’t believe they’re back. I thought for sure they were gone forever!

Just to share my experience, if you’re having an issue with blown lights/bulbs, make sure there is not a compact fluorescent on the same switch. I have 5 lights in my kitchen and I used 4 MusicLites and 1 CF and it appears the surge of power when the CF powers on was enough to blow the MusicLites. I didn’t think anything of the CF light and their engineering team didn’t mention that this could be a problem, but the last bulb that popped was in perfect sync with the flash when the CF turned on. I have since pulled the CF and haven’t had an issue (knocking on wood). I do still have an odd issue where one socket is always louder than the others. That’s annoying when you’re trying to evenly distribute sound without it being too loud.

Otherwise I still like them and use them. Their customer support is outstanding!

Woah $50? LED lights are less then $7 at my big box store, I’m not going to pay 8x more because there is a sub-par speaker in it.

Woah! For the sake of easy maff: $10 LED buld, $10 speaker, $10 wireless module, leaves $20 in misc other bits (custom housing, other electronics inside) and profit. I still wouldn’t buy them, but the price seems reasonable to me.

I bought these on a previous woot. I was not expecting jaw dropping sound, but I wanted to install them in the kitchen and be able to listen to music while cooking.
They are a bit awkward in size and shape, but they fit into the can light just fine. I had 2 in the large galley kitchen spread out, and I had a great time with them. The real issue is that they don’t seem to last long. The first one blew after about 6 months, and the second was about 9 months. For the price, that is a little too short a life span for a $50 bulb and speaker.
Also, if you are not planning on installing in pot lights/recessed ceiling lights, don’t buy them. These are really big bulbs. When I bought them I though I might install one in the living room in one of the lamps…no go. The circumference of the bulb makes it too big to fit inside most lamp brackets.
It was fun and novel while they worked, but since they don’t last long, I can’t bring myself to buy them again.
Oh yeah, if the light isn’t on, the speaker won’t work. So when you blow the actual bulb, the speaker might be just fine, but won’t work. I looked into trying to replace the internal bulb, but Sylvania uses a proprietary tool/screw system, so getting it open is impossible.

How is the transmitter - especially the 30-pin apple unit - powered?

It’s ok but didn’t you read about how bad the speakers are?