Sylvania MusicLites

What it do?

I would not recommend these by any means unless you do not run wifi, a microwave, bluetooth, or a cordless phone in your house.

This causes everything I have to break down. I tried this in my office and my home, same result. I just purchased some expensive lightbulbs at this point.

The price went down dramatically, I spent almost $60 on each one and bought 8, so 26 is not a bad deal to experiment with.

I have decent results with these in my kitchen and family room (read the reviews for any other time these have been on woot), but have had plenty of them go bad. Sylvania was decent about the warranty, but I had to pay shipping each time. Also, the last attempt, I was told they no longer have units to warranty exchange, so I’m not sure how they’re going to warranty these new purchases anymore.

Since I paid a lot more and I’m down to my last spare within 2-3 years, I would say this experiment was not worth the money. It might be worth playing with a couple at this price, but I wouldn’t recommend going all out and doing a multi-room setup knowing that they don’t live a full LED bulb life and Sylvania doesn’t have any more units to exchange.

These are nothing but horrible. I bought them (4 total) at $100 each years ago from woot.