Sylvania MusicLites

Well at least the name of another former American company is now owned by a reputable company: Osram.

With the acquisition of the North American division by Osram GmbH in January 1993 Osram Sylvania Inc. was established.

No transmitter with the 3.5mm plug? :frowning:

Fair warning: I own fourteen of these, four of which are dead.

  1. Sylvania’s warranty exchange is the worst. It’s been months since I last contacted them about returning three of my dead ones. Crickets. They are ignoring me.

  2. The power supply on these things are sketchy at best. If you put them on a circuit with any florescent bulb the MusicLite power supplies will start blowing. If you have any power transients from motors in kitchen blenders as an example, the power supplies will start blowing. I told a number of people about these things, they ordered them and most are now regretting it with multiple failures and roughly the same experience with Sylvania warranty exchange. After taking a unit apart and identifying that it doesn’t in fact have adequate power transient protection (photo here: I installed whole circuit conditioners in my breaker box. Since doing that, the ten remaining good ones have been working flawlessly.

Can you connect a adapter for a 3.5mm plug? Also, if the light burns out for what ever reason does the speaker go out with it?

Is the speaker worth it overall?

Yes. There’s obviously little bass from these things but it was an easy way to do an entire downstairs audio solution. Note that these aren’t tapered like normal lightbulbs so depending on your ceiling cans they may or may not fit. I spent more money in modifying my can lighting fixtures than I did on the lights.

It is my experience that the power supply is the first and only thing to go. Once it pops (and it makes an audible pop when the capacitor blows) you loose both the LED light and the audio. I did pull one apart and if for whatever reason the LED does manage to go before the power supply it is possible to replace it if you are handy with electronics.