Sylvania MusicLites

as far as “old”, poorly-executed technology generally goes, this is a very low price for these little gems. i wonder how many i’ll be grabbing up by the time this sale ends…

It really is a great idea, almost. Had they built these as Bluetooth speakers, they would have sold a ton of them. Unfortunately you have to have your computer on and a USB port dedicated to the dongle transmitter within 50 feet of the speakers for these to work. I want to buy them for the patio, but I want to play music from my iPhone, not my computer.

they make these with a “universal” transmitter also, which is simply a powered transmitter with an 1/8" audio input. i have one of these already, and it works pretty well, except for being tied to a wall outlet and a phone / radio.

you can still find the universal transmitters online, but they’re getting hard to come by since this product has been out of production for so long.