Sylvania MusicLites

I’ve had one of these in my kitchen lights over the sink and have really come to enjoy it. (I had to look it up; I paid double the price on woot 2 years ago and it’s still going strong. Hmm … maybe I’ll get another.) Helps to extend the audible range of music or TV without blasting out the folks in the other room. I do find you don’t want to get it too loud tho, otherwise you get a bit of an echo in the source room.

I have purchased 5 of these so far. Two have died for some reason. Since it was out of warranty, I opened one of the dead ones and could not see anything that looked “fried”. Just dead - no lights, no music.

However, I do like them. The light quality is great, and the sound quality acceptable (not great). I mean who can beat being able to screw in a light bulb and have both light and sound?

Can someone please explain how these work? For instance:
[]What kind of devices do these connect to?
]Can these connect via bluetooth? If so, can these connect to a device (e.g. iPad) while simultaneously using a bluetooth speaker for that device?
[*]Does the light work independently from the speaker (i.e. can I listen to these speakers in the dark)?
So many questions…

I received half my order. I ordered 2 and received one. Woot has yet to get back to me on this too. Anyone else have this issue?

Sorry for the problem. CS usually responds within 24-48 hours if not sooner. Make sure you check those dratted spam/junk folders.

I’ll send a message to CS just in case.