SYLVANIA Smart LED Color Light Strip

SYLVANIA Smart LED Color Light Strip

Just so people buying this are aware the Sylvania app is nothing but an extension of the Smart Life / Tuya app as that is what they are using as the cloud provider for this service.

Even though this is using Smart Life/Tuya and those apps will find and detect these strips you will get an error stating you must use the Sylvania app because Sylvania has blocked the ability for you to add this to the Smart Life /Tuya app.

So that means you must have the Sylvania app installed and install the Sylvania skill to Alexa or Google home if you plan on using it which is annoying, at least for me.

Figured I would let you know in case you had planned on joining this using the Smart Life/ Tuya app.

In terms of the light produced by these strips it’s actually pretty good and the white looks decent since it has both warm and cool white LED’s In addition to the colored ones.

Colors were very well saturated and bright.